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"it’s atmospheric, smart and does a great job of... a doomy, nuanced narrative." (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
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Our latest game, Particulars, is an exploration of life, chaos and obsession through the lens of sub-atomic particle physics

Winner of both the Narrative and Audio Design Awards at the 2013 Freeplay Awards


Feeling overwhelmed by the vast, uncaring world? Maybe you need a new perspective. Look close. Closer still. And closer…

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“I haven’t cried playing a video game before; it’s not like it’s a habit. But there’s something about the loneliness of being a down quark all alone in a subatomic space that really underlined the joy in finding an anti-down quark to combine with.”

Grant Howitt, The Guardian

“The game feels fantastic, it’s a joy to whiz around the simple environment”

David Ferris, Kotaku

“Without a doubt, Particulars was the highlight of PAX for me. It’s an exceptional game.”

Daniel Wilks, editor of Hyper Magazine

“Particulars makes learning physics fun, combining an intriguing story with arcade-puzzle gameplay that seems reminiscent of the award-winning Osmos.”

Richard Moss, MacLife

You can buy Particulars right now for the low price of $14.99*!

You’ll receive the full game, including a Steam Key. Price includes Windows, Mac and Linux versions, all DRM-free.

*that’s 1,500 million times cheaper than building your own Large Hadron Collider!