Crunch, and some eye candy

So, we’re in our first real development crunch at the moment, with our first milestone being this Friday (argh!).

Good news is that this means two things:

  • We’ll be starting playtesting in the next week or so (if you want to be part of this, sign up here)
  • I’ve got some eye candy for you

After the jump is a sneak peek at the latest build, some of the particles and interactions involved. If you’re confused, fear not! I’ll be posting with some info about the physics on… after Friday (probably Saturday). In the meantime, enjoy, and I’d love to hear any feedback you have.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”dynamic” fversion=”10.0.0″ movie=”” width=”800″ height=”600″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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PS. Yes, our website isn’t wide enough for the Flash… We’ll have this fixed at some point before release.

PPS. Yes, we’ll be making a screensaver of the final particle interactions. Mostly because I really want one.

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