The Game Engine Episode 5: What I did last weekend

In this week, Paul Stzajer (Throw the Looking Glass), Saul Alexander (Ark Games – yes, he’s almost a regular now) and Andrew Bittman (Moving Target Games) discuss:

  • a Follow-Up on Creative Writing in Games, including
  • Ludum Dare overview from Paul
  • Freeplay overview from Saul
    • (You can find Saul’s articles on Freeplay over at Gamasutra:

    The running time for this episode is less than an hour – finally we’ve managed to cut down! Hopefully we’ll end up at a regular length of 30mins-1hour.

    You can find us on iTunes, and here’s the rss feed. Feedback again much appreciated, and we now have an email at where you can shoot us questions, comments and feedback. Did I mention feedback? Did I mention email? Please do, we’re so very lonely. Would also welcome ratings and subscriptions on iTunes, like Mario we need to collect stars to earn our princesses. No pre-emptive topics for next week, we’ll see what the good industry delivers us for next week.

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