Whenfore Dare us: Ludum Dare 22

This post was placed on the Ludum Dare Website on Wednesday in order to get a response from the community on the topic at hand.

So we’re doing Ludum Dare this weekend, but not as we know it.

I’ve found in the past that Ludum Dare does an amazing job at helping to build prototypes of games that may have a bit of a ridiculous concept. I’m still holding onto the thought that my first entry might one day make a prettier re-appearance, and I’ve got some plans for an upscaled version of my latest (“Escape from Flatland: An Adventure of Two Dimensions“).

The fact is that Ludum Dare seems to be adding to the already-large pile of games we want to make, many of which need prototyping. And Ludum Dare is great at helping us to create prototypes.

Do you see where this is going?

Yes, it’s true. We’re going into Ludum Dare with a pretty specific game in mind. A game that I’ve wanted to prototype for a while, and needed an event like Ludum Dare to give me both the impetus and the hard time limit to do it. The fact is that if we didn’t make it now, this game might not be made (as it is a little ambitious), and thus I’m going to take the opportunity to make it.

What’s less clear is what happens on this end. We’d be looking to enter the Jam part of the competition (there are four of us), and I’d love to post lots of updates as we go and have the game on the Ludum Dare site as normal, but the fact is that we will be breaking the rules. If it interferes too much with the core idea, we may not even use the theme.

So my question is: LD Community, are you ok with this? I’d be sure to label our entry with the fact that this was a pre-decided game idea, so it’s not like we’d be hiding what we’re doing…

Our game will be being made using Google AppEngine and playN, and will likely have WolframTones music.

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