And now Paymate have closed our account…

In what seems to have become a rather unpleasant right of passage for start-up indie studios, our payment provider has screwed us over. We actually chose Paymate for just two reasons:

  1. They allowed us to use a “pay what you want” model.
  2. We’d heard stories about devs being messed around by both Paypal and Google checkout.

All seemed to be going fine, and then about an hour ago, we received the following email from them:

“Thank you for registering up for Paymate!

Unfortunately after doing a risk assessment on your account we were unable to approve your Paymate account. All payments made so far will be reversed back to the buyer.

We apologies for not being able to assist you on this occasion, If there is anything else i can help you with please let me know.”

Um, okay. No other explanation given. So Paul called them, and this was their (paraphrased) explanation:

“We don’t work with online games companies, because teenagers use their parents credit cards to buy games, and then we end up having to refund them. End of story.”

Excuse me, what?? The next half-hour basically consisted of us staring at each other open-mouthed, unable to comprehend that a 21st century, internet-based payment processing company would have such a prehistoric attitude to online sales.

We are a legitimate company. We are selling a legitimate (albeit digital) product. But because it’s in the “games” category, that automatically makes it a risk? Teenagers don’t use their parents’ credit cards to buy anything else but games? And you really think they’re going to do that to by the special edition of an indie game no-one’s heard of? You really think they’ll want the commentary track that badly??

Anyway … everyone’s money should now have been refunded. We are working on arranging new payment solutions, and will have payment options available as soon as possible, for those who are lovely enough to want to support us. At that stage we will email everyone who paid, and give them the option of paying again.

In the meantime, please enjoy the free Curiosity Edition of the game.

Thanks for your understanding. I’ll be over there, banging my head on the table.

PS: We now have a mailing list for those who want to know when our payment system will be back up. Sign up here and we’ll let you know.

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