Building levels and gaining levels

Monday was a productive day on the level-building front. Above is what the player will see when he or she loads Level 1 of the game, and you can find some more early screens below the cut.

But I also want to talk about another kind of levels. You may have noticed the array of progress bars over in the right-hand sidebar of the site. We built them as a fun way of tracking progress on the various goals we’ve set ourselves for the project.

They’re extremely low-tech at the moment – we’re actually updating them manually. But they’re actually pretty important to us – all the things they track are central to what we’re trying to achieve with this project, and for the company. So I just want to give you a quick run-down of what each of them represents (and how you can help us level up!).

Socialite level

This bar is our best guess of how much of an audience we have right now – it’s based on the “True Reach” aspect of our Klout score, which is supposed to show how many people are actively engaged with what we’re doing. You can help us boost this number by retweeting our tweets, sharing our Facebook posts, or just pointing people in the direction of this blog.

Entertainer level

This reflects our desire for people to actually be playing our game. Once we have playtest levels ready (very soon), this number will start going up. You can help by giving it a go, and letting other people know about it! You can help even more by sending us some feedback.

Capitalist level

We’d love to just make games and give them away for the rest of our lives. But if we’re going to actually do this for a living, this is an important one! The basic (browser-based) game will be free to play, but we will have an option to pay for a “special edition”, which will be downloadable and will come with some fun extras. If you like the game and want to help us stay afloat so we can make more games, we’d love it if you fronted up for the special edition!

Codie level

This meter stems from our desire to create chunks of code that we can re-use in future projects. To be honest, this is the most abstract of our meters, and is based mostly on guesswork. We’ll see how things actually pan out when we get to the next project. Not much you can do to help with this one.

Tourism level

This one is just good old page hits, as counted by WordPress. Probably not as accurate a measure of our popularity as the Socialite level, which is why we’ve put it down the bottom. Still of interest, though. You’re helping with this one just by coming to the site, but the more other people you mention us to, the more we’ll level up!

If you’ve made it to the bottom, then thanks for your patience. Another work day tomorrow, so expect things to kick up a notch on the Twitter – make sure you’re following along!

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