Early story and level concepts

Our next work day isn’t until Thursday, but that doesn’t mean we have nothing to show you. Yesterday, while Paul was trying to nail player movement, and Thoman and Adam were messing around with polygons, Anurag did some initial work on the story and a draft map of the first level.

The basic principle is that you take the role of a worker triangle, caught in what has essentially become a class war-zone. The haves and have-nots are at each others throats, and all you can do is make a run for it, defending yourself where necessary.

Here’s a page on our wiki with some background info on the Flatland concept and game story. And here’s the draft map of Level 1. Expect the wiki to grow exponentially as the project progresses. Feel free to dig through it yourself, if you’re interested, but I’ll be pulling out highlights and posting them here.


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