Kotaku dev diary and lovely new logo

If you’re a new visitor to our site, chances are you’ve arrived due to the first installment of our development diary, which went up yesterday on Kotaku Australia. If so, welcome! If not, then it begins like this:

We’re making a game in three weeks. And you know something? I’m scared.

My concern isn’t that we won’t have Flatland done. That’s a minor worry, and one that’s mostly out of my hands, in any case. I’ve seen our creative director Paul Sztajer (and co.) crank out great games in half the time we’ve got. We already have a prototype that conveys an extraordinary amount of mood. I have faith that the others have got that side of it covered.

It continues over here. And there are more installments to come!

We have the lovely Tracey Lien to thank for allowing us to board the Kotaku express, and that’s not all we need to thank her for. She’s also allowed us to steal the magnificent logo that she made for the article, which has now replaced our fugly little fish-tank here on the blog. I’m sure you’ll agree that it has immediately made our site look approximately eighty times more professional!

We’re not back at work until Thursday, but I’ll be putting up bits and pieces of media over the intervening days (we have levels!), so keep watching our RSS and Twitter.

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