Monday Morning Madness

Howdy Guys and Gals, and welcome to another episode of Monday mornings at the Fish Bowl! I’m your host for this morning, Anurag Dey. Please remember the safety rules when it comes to riding with us: ensure that all your baggage is stored in the overhead compartments (and that you’ve accounted for everything – the last thing we want anyone to say is “jag förlorade mitt baggage” (I lost my baggage)), that your tray table is locked and your seat is in the full upright position.

So get yourself strapped in and enjoy the wacky ride we have in store for you!

Today’s objectives are pretty clear…we have the better part of 63 hours left and we’re progressing well, if not spectacularly. Our big task for today is to start creating some levels which we can then release for playtest. Over the weekend we have had some issues with Ragespline (our current spline editor in Unity) and, generally, with just saving stuff in Unity. It has been frustrating, and progress has been slowed as a result of that, however we have learnt a lot and – fingers crossed – we should have the first couple of levels out by the end of today.

Yesterday evening we had a big meeting regarding the level design for the first five levels, where we also discussed the plot-arc of the game. It was illuminating to hear everyone’s views, and it affirmed the fact that we have some amazing writing talent in our group. In particular Saul and Adam bring much insight and narrative vision to the (whiteboarded) table.

Having decided on the early level designs, and with some idea of how to progress, Paul and I have begun in earnest to try and build some levels. At the moment Unity is causing some difficulties, throwing out error messages and issues which we had not foreseen.

So far we have used the editor to create Upper Class Area houses and walls. In the course of doing this, Paul discovered that Gridsnapping is a thing that can be turned on. It is useful. In addition, setting grid sizes is also useful. Finishing the design of the these objects is exciting, as they will form the basis of the first couple of levels, and then we can move onto the really fun parts of designing the maze like city-scape.

That’s been our morning so far. It’s slow, steady progress but we’re getting there. Stay tuned for more updates,


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