The shards spread

We’ve been lucky enough to be featured on a couple of great websites overnight, which have started bringing in a lot more traffic to the site. First of all, I have kiss the toes of Alec Meer of Rock, Paper, Shotgun (the greatest games site on the whole, wide internet) for giving us a lovely write-up, including such praise as:

“… it’s atmospheric, smart and does a great job of the unusual melange of simple line-art, breathless Pac Man-esque outrunning of foes and a doomy, nuanced narrative.”


“I tip every hat I have ever owned and ever will own to its title pun, too.”

Read the rest here.

We’ve also been featured on the Indie Games blog, which is also a great site. Between these two links and a fair chunk of traffic from reddit, we cleared 2000 page views between midnight and midday today. That’s a massive jump – before yesterday our biggest day was 253. Just goes to show that actually having a finished game can draw in the crowds!

The other exciting thing happening this week is that we’re moving into our shiney

We are in no way resting on our laurels. We’re well aware that the game has some significant flaws, and we are intensively planning for the future of Flatland, along with a number of other projects. We’re looking to kick off full-scale development again on March 19th, but we won’t be keeping quiet until then. Later in the week, we’ll have a retrospective development diary up on Kotaku Australia, along with plenty more blog posts. More soon!

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