Version 0.3.1b is out, features sound and rain!

We’ve just released our third build, which you can grab over on the playtest page.

The game is coming together, slowly but surely! As of Saturday, we have rudimentary live stats coming in from our beta testing, which you can peek at here.

I’ve been away most of today working a “real” job, but while I was gone, the programming team of Paul, Thomas and Adam has been slaving away in this sauna of a room. They’ve added Level 5 and 6 (which both feature rain!), added some sounds to the game, and made ally shapes that (mostly) work. Meanwhile, we’ve received word (via Twitter) that Michael, Anurag and Jordan have finished recording all of the commentary, over at Jordan’s studio. I’m both excited and nervous to hear how that went, given that I wrote the bulk of the dialogue.

Because I haven’t been here, I asked Adam how the day has gone, and he said this:

AC: I think the game’s a lot more fun now that we have music and sound effects in it. It’s a lot more fun to break things apart and stuff.

We’ve got a pretty interesting sound system. Today I worked on a collision system. This allows us to play a few different sound effects whenever the player hits specific types of objects. So, when the player hits a wall, it plays a metal-hitting-metal sound, and when the player hits a dead shape it plays a somewhat metallic bouncing effect.

I also worked on our multi-track music system. Hidden in the background of our game we’ve got a giant music box. This music box has a track for atmospheric effects, a track for music loops, a track for narration, etc. At various points in the game, we will mute sounds or turn them on, or crossfade between them. It’s a pretty sweet system, if I do say so myself. And I always say so myself.

I’ve never really worked with sound in games before, so this has been a really interesting (and at times, frustrating) experience.


(Thanks to David Molloy for the photo that looks like a screenshot!)

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