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Some exciting bits and pieces of media today. First up, the second SeeThrough Diaries went on on Kotaku yesterday, so go check it out if if you haven’t yet.

Secondly – we promised you  professional-quality video, and here it is! This concise introduction to our project was put together by the marvellous David Molloy. Watch and listen as Paul, Louise and Jordan wax lyrical about the unusual world of Flatland!

Wow, he almost makes us look professional! More of these to come.

And finally, we also have some new audio form Angus! I’ll let him explain:

“I’ve done some really bad voice-over work to give an idea of timing and inserted a sound fx for door opening. It’s completely wrong but should give a vague general sense of player experience after they hit ‘play’.”

Flatland Level 1 Intro Demo

We’re hoping to have another update for you today … some actual levels to play! Cross your fingers and toes for us.

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