The wheels grind back into motion!

As of today, we’re officially working on more Flatland! The last couple of weeks have involved lots of discussions and planning (and fighting off nerd flu which Paul brought home from GDC), but now we’re back to actually making games! Which so far has mostly consisted of lots of discussions and planning (and getting over the last of the nerd flu)…

As is our way, we want to involve you, our audience, in our processes as much as we possibly can, and this time around we’re planning on doing a whole lot more video content, mostly because it’s much quicker than writing lots of blogs. The idea is to get a brief update from each member of the team after every single work day, and also to have some vids showing content that people are working on. You can watch the Day 1 video above!

The video is a nice brief summary of where we’re at right now, but there’s a lot more detail to be gone into. Here, I just want to cover a couple of things, with plenty more to come …

Firstly, the new Flatland will be released episodically, and there will be both free and pay-for levels. Beyond that, we still have lot of details to work out, but we’ll keep you informed!

Second, we are most definitely re-developing the website, in order to make it both less fugly and more functional. That is happening in parallel to the game development, so it will likely be ready in four weeks’ time, although in the meantime we may preview it to our mailing list to get some feedback. This will be one of many opportunities our mailing list folks will be given to get involved in our development processes. You can join the mailing list by clicking here.

Nextly, you may have noticed that the giant timer hasn’t re-appeared at the top of the site. That doesn’t mean that we’re not operating under time pressure. and The timer may re-appear at some point, when we work out exactly what it needs to count down. Our schedule has changed slightly, and for the next four weeks will look like this:

  • Three days a week, we will work specifically on Flatland (which will end up being 96 hours, again);
  • Two days a week, we will work on tools and business development (which will take some pressure off our game dev days);
  • One day a week, we are working on a contract project;
  • Sundays, we collapse and rest!

You’ll also see that our progress bars are gone. These will definitely be returning at some point, in new and improved form! Just not yet. We’d like to get them properly automated, which will take a bit of brain-thinking to achieve.

That’s probably enough waffle from my flu-addled brain for one day. Much more coming soon!

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