Playing with reassessment

We have something for you to play today. Just a little thing, made by two of us in a day. As mentioned in our last post, we’ve been doing a lot of re-assessing of where where we’re at, and how we should proceed, and this little game is both a part of that process and a result of it. Tricky, huh?

Use the arrows to chose a path for Mr SeeThrough.

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We have been trying to work out the best way to share our processes and experiences with the world, in a form that might be useful and/or interesting. We’ve been writing blogs and recording videos, but then we thought “we’re a game developer – why don’t we document some of our experiences in the form of games?”.

This is our first attempt. It’s crude, and maybe a touch didactic, but it illustrates the point we’re at as a company. (If you haven’t played it yet, now would be the time to go do that before you keep reading).

Played it? Good.

We’ve been rushing forward, abruptly changing tack any time we run into trouble. We’ve had some solid achievements, but we’ve been fumbling in the dark to a large degree, because we’ve never had the tools at hand to assess whether or not we’re actually on the right path at any given point. In order to do that, we’ve had to take that step back, and we’re now at the point of giving very close examination to the foundations of our company and the ways in which it operates.

Which is not to say the journey we’ve already taken has not been useful. Over the next several days, myself, Paul and Anurag are going to be meeting and planning, focusing only on these fundamental aspects of the company. And we feel much more equipped to do this than we did in the beginning, in part due to the experiences we’ve had since then, and the mistakes we’ve made.

We’ve also been doing some reading of business books, so we can learn from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs. Paul has been deep in The E-myth Revisited (by Michael E Gerber), and I’ve been listening to an audiobook of The Lean Start-Up (by Eric Ries). We highly recommend them both to anyone starting a tech business.

Anyway, let us know what you think of our little game, and whether you’d be interested in seeing more.

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