First 50 to fill out our survey get our next game (and more) for FREE!

We’re currently in the early stages of building our next game – a bigger, bolder, and above all better game set in the world of Flatland! We’ll be writing new stories featuring brand new characters, improving the current game mechanics and adding a whole range of new ones. And you can get into our alpha funding program and get a copy of the finished game for free!

In order to get to know the tastes of our audience and make the game the best it can be, we have put together a survey called The Future of Flatland (drum roll). The more responses we get to the survey, the better we will be able to make the game, which makes your response very valuable to us. Because of this, we want to show our appreciation by rewarding everyone who fills it out.

This is what you’ll get for taking a few minutes of your time to contribute your answers:

  1. Every single person who fills it out gets our undying gratitude, and a free copy of the Flatland: Fallen Angle Appreciation Edition, which comes with developer commentary and an arena level. This will include an update to version 1.1 (releasing very soon), which has improved combat mechanics and much prettier visuals (see the trailer in the site header).
  2. The first 50 survey respondents will also get free access to our alpha funding program, kicking off soon, which means you get to play a regularly-updated pre-release build of the game, and that you will get the final, paid version of the new Flatland game for no dollars.

So what are you waiting for? Get your responses in!

If you are not one of the first 50 respondents, you will still be able to participate in the alpha, by contributing a small fee (which is yet to be finalised). And if you are one of those super-generous people (you know who you are!), who want to contribute extra money, even though you don’t have to, we will be setting up a way for you to do that. You are, needless to say, wonderful human beings.

That survey link, one more time:  The Future of Flatland Survey

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