Prototype Fortnight: Combating the Issues

Hello! I’m Thomas Bowker, and while this is my first post here, I’ve been at SeeThrough since the beginning of Fallen Angle.

This is a prototype that I finished last week. It’s all about combat.  Basing a game or prototype on just the word Combat allowed for plenty of freedom, but I wanted use Fallen Angle’s combat as a starting point and try to fix some of the problems players were encountering while playing.

One of the main problems with Fallen Angle’s combat was that because the player is playing a video game, they expect to have to defeat enemies rather than run away. Another major problem was that player death felt extremely random or unfair, just because how the mechanics of the splitting worked.

So for this prototype, I somewhat reworked how the splitting happens so that it is easier to understand on our side. I also simplified the rules that dictate when shapes should split. All this along with a change suggested by Saul: that shapes only die when they are hit directly at their core. I think this gives us a good starting point for a more satisfying combat system!

Click through for a look at the actual prototype.

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