Investigation 1: What the hell is ‘SeeThrough’?

A wild podcast appears!

As a part of this new series, we’re starting a new podcast called ‘Seeing it Through’.

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Over the coming weeks, we’re looking to transform this blog into one with a somewhat different focus: investigation. An Investigation is, essentially, a question or problem that we’re currently tackling. Some can be answered easily, some will need time and experimentation. All will ask for your input. And what investigation is better to start with than the one that spawned this very idea?

Saul and I sat down at the table, and stared at the words that I had just scrawled on our whiteboard-table:

 “More insight into a games startup than ever before”.

I turned to Saul, paused dramatically, and asked the question: “What the hell does that mean?”

The facts

  1.  We names our company is SeeThrough Studios.
  2. Our purpose when we chose that name was to create transparency in the game and studio development processes on an unprecedented scale.
  3. It turns out that this is really hard. In essence: there is too much data. Every day of development brings with it a bunch of new problems and learning experiences.
  4. We’re now at a stage where catching up to give a full history of what we’ve done in the past would stop us from actually making games.
  5. We’d like to keep making games. Actually, it’s our core business.
  6. At the same time, the “SeeThrough” idea is at the core of our marketing strategy (and therefore rather vital to our business). It hasn’t been working all that well thus far, because we haven’t found a way to implement it consistently.

Progress thus far

During that meeting, we came to a few conclusions:

The plethora of things we discussed regarding SeeThrough.

  • Our focus in being SeeThrough should be on making our own story compelling, and interacting with our audience, rather than trying to create guidelines for other developers to follow. There are plenty of other people who have the time to do that better than us (for example, our friend Epona Schweer runs indiebits as a full-time business).
  • Compelling stories need interesting characters. We have find ways to better bring across our personalities to our audience.
  • The SeeThrough process should give unprecedented insight into the current state of SeeThrough Studios. That is to say, we’re not going to be filling in our history all that much.
  • In general, we’re going to aim to talk about the things that most make us think ‘should we really be talking about that to the public?’. If it’s something we’re worried about revealing, chances are it’s something that will be interesting to read.

How you can help

The question ‘What is SeeThrough’ is unlikely to be answered in any final way for a while yet. We’ll be looking to add new forms of content to our SeeThrough arsenal over time, though we’re definitely going to start small, and on a consistent schedule.

You can help us refine our approach by answering the following questions:

  1. How do you feel about this “investigation” approach to “SeeThrough-ness”? Is there anything you you would change off the bat?
  2. What form of update (investigations like this, conversation pieces, dev diaries, microblogs, podcasts, videos, etc.) would be most interesting to you?
  3. What’s the best way for you to get to know us, as humans?

Supplementary Materials

An email from Saul to Paul regarding the conversations had about the SeeThrough process

The original (much longer) version of this post

An email from Saul to Paul about that post

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