Seeing it Through Ep 6: Pipelines

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This week, Saul, Thomas and I (Paul) discuss pipelines, and a new development cycle that we’re devising to ensure that we can produce 6 high-quality Flatland episodes in 6-8 months.

While we’ve gotten a very basic list of deliverables (see the first image below), there’s still a lot that haven’t been worked out, particularly in the art and audio department. What deliverables would you advise we have at different points of this process?

The pipeline and deliverables we’re looking to use for Flatland episodes, with variable lengths for some of the stages.
In constructing the final 11 week pipeline, we opted for a 2 week concepting phase, a 4 week concept development phase, a 2 week content creation phase and a 2 week polish phase.


Overlapping pipelines

A look at how the pipelines might overlap, with both 3 week (below) and 4 week (above) intervals. We opted for 4 week intervals.

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