Flatland: Fallen Angle wins “Best Writing” at Freeplay!

Like the headline says, we received the award for Best Writing in a Game at this year’s Freeplay independent games festival in Melbourne. The ceremony took place on Sunday night at the Order of Melbourne hotel, in front of a tired but happy crowd of developers ad hangers-on. We were also highly commended in the Best Australian Game category.

When the nominations were announced a couple of weeks ago, I honestly didn’t even remember that we’d entered, and I mumbled something to the effect after clambering onto the stage. I was humbled and more than a little surprised to be receiving this award of behalf of our little company, and afterwards filled with a lot of goodwill towards all my fellow Freeplay-attendees (and cider), and a growing sense of motivation.

It seems crazy to be awarded right now, for that game, given all the struggles we’ve had trying to expand and iterate on it, leading to our current development hiatus. But of course it’s absolutely awesome, as well. I am very fond of Fallen Angle, even in its rough-and-ready state, and I’m determined to live up to the recognition the Freeplay judges have given us, both by expanding on the Flatland mythos, and in plenty of brand new and exciting projects!

So I’d like to thank (on behalf of SeeThrough) the Freeplay judges and organiser (particularly retiring head honcho Paul Callaghan), and everyone who has supported us and the game over the last six months or so since (and during) its production. Freeplay has a special place in my heart, as it was basically the launching-off point for my own involvement in game development. I’m already looking forward to next year!


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