SeeThrough Studios Presents: Iron Dev!

Some things must die so that others may live. Others, so that we can eat a massive frickin’ cake. With the indefinite hiatus of Flatland development comes a new project for SeeThrough Studios – Iron Dev. This isn’t a game – oh no – this is a battle to the de…ssert. SeeThrough Studios is splitting into two tiny teams, and we’re giving ourselves six (6) weeks to work on one (1) game each for a total of two (TWO! (2)) games. Each game will be independently reviewed by a panel of game journalists and developers and put on various app stores to be played by you, the general populace. Certain metrics we will be tracking – primarily how much dough the game makes – will also come into play when deciding which of the two teams is the victor.

The prize? Cake! Oh wait, I already gave it away.

There’s a cake-bake at stake as games we make. This isn’t fake. Only six weeks this will take, lest our launch date we break. Snake rake flake.

So how can you get involved during the development process? We’ll be keeping you informed of our development process from start to finish, and getting you all to play and give us feedback on our games as soon as humanly possible! We’ll also be keeping up-to-date and publicly accessible copies of our design documents, schedules and budget of the games we’re developing.

Head over to our official Iron Dev page to check out the two teams as the countdown begins!

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