You may have noticed a lack of updates around here lately. The truth is that while we have been doing work (check out the background art by Kristy and Louise!), we have been suffered some delays. All of us lost a week when we went down to Melbourne to win awards, and Team A specifically has lost a fair bit of time due to Paul being sick. As he’s our only programmer, this has put rather a crimp on our progress. Team 1 have also slipped behind, and none of us want to release a sub-standard product. For this reason, we have made the mutual decision to add three weeks to our deadline, which you can now see reflected in the countdown timer.







There is another factor involved in the delay, one which is a little more uncomfortable for us to admit. We’re still not feeling the pressure. The whole point of Iron Dev was to try and recreate the sense of urgency we felt during the original three-week development of Flatland: Fallen Angle. We’re not getting there, and there are a few reasons for that. One is that we’er now lacking a couple of highly-motivated team members who were great at keeping energy levels up. Another is that we don’t have much of an audience to hold us to account.







We have been slack with our updates for the blog and social media, which we worked on much more intensely the first time around. And so – quite understandably – few people are paying attention. This is something that we’re going to try and work on from here on in. And we’re very happy for you to call us on it if we’re failing, like Josip did on our Facebook page recently. A few cracking whips may be exactly what we need!

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