Deja Vu – Flatland: Fallen Angle is now on Desura

Flatland_DesuraSeeThrough Studios has finally released Flatland: Fallen Angle! Again! Our officially award-winning game about a vengeful triangle is now for sale on Desura and our website for the low, low price of $2.99, with several improved levels and features, but the same moody narration and shape-slicing goodness!

“But it was free before!”

Yes, but this version is better. Also, we want to make more and better games, and to do that we need money. If you haven’t played Flatland before, try out the free demo. If you have played it, we’d love it if you could head over to the Desura page and rate the game.

“I already paid for the last version because I am a great human being and everyone loves me and my life was vastly improved because of my kind gesture towards SeeThrough Studios!”

Well, wonderful Sir or Madam, please be patient. We’ll get you a Desura code very soon. You deserve it for being the best.

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