SeeThrough, What Happened to Us?

Hey SeeThrough, what the hell bro? You said we’d hang out all the time, that we’d talk about what was going on in each other’s lives. You said you’d be different to all those other developers out there intent on keeping us shut-out of their going-on. But we rarely talk.

I want to see other developers.

Wait! Baby, don’t go. We’ve just being going through some stuff is all. We still love you. Here, to prove how we feel about you, have a nice, juicy update.

Iron Dev

Our deadline has come and gone. Twice. And yet still no finished games. Well, that’s because we realized that we actually want our games to be really good, to the point that more than the seven people who read our blog would want to buy and play them. So we have let our deadlines slip and have united our once-divided studio to focus on…


Our robot-themed Iron Dev game Unstoppabot (previously Rolland (previously “the robot game with the robots and stuff”)) is progressing nicely. All the important stuff is mostly done, and we’re currently doing some quality-of-life stuff like menus and user-interfaces, and really making sure the mechanics make sense at a glance. It’s basically a vast amount of little stuff that should hopefully push Unstoppabot from being a fun game to a great game.

To that end, we’re opening up beta testing to ensure that it isn’t a broken mess when we eventually give it a wide release. If you’d like to be part of our beta testing community, we need you to fill out a very short, very simple questionnaire. There are no wrong answers unless you say you hate our game. That is a wrong answer.



The 3D Roguelike Thing

The other Iron Dev game is on hold for the time-being while we finish up Unstoppabot. The current feeling is that the roguelike has some cool mechanics but is missing a gameplay element or two to really sink your teeth into. Rather than shove it out the door, we’re going to revisit it down the line, soup it up, and throw it in your face like a stray basketball.


Our game about angry triangles is being polished up and relaunched, with the more frustrating stages totally revamped and the awkward mechanics adjusted for less awkwardness. We’ll actually be charging for it, too, because we like making games but making games costs money sometimes.

You’ll be able to pick up Flatland here or on Desura. We still have a sequel on the cards for the near future, because watching shapes break apart is neato.

It’s dark because it’s night time!


Paul is screwing around with his physics-themed physics-based physics game about physics. Currently he’s doing tech tests to see what is and isn’t feasible for mobile platforms when a game is as crammed full of  physics as Particulars is. Paul says “not a whole lot” but plans to squeeze out every drop of processing power that he can.



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