Adventures in marketing: How not to market a game

I first became involved with SeeThrough Studios before it existed. I was originally asked by Paul to help with game writing for Particulars (which will have an alpha release available soon! Finally! We mean it this time!) but then life and mostly a thesis got in the way.

I rejoined SeeThrough at the beginning of this year to work as a game writer and somehow* wound up as Social Media and Marketing Coordinator**. While I have worked in marketing and client-side relations before, I had never actually marketed a video game, and just to add more pressure into the mix, the Unstoppabot launch was less than two weeks away!

So check below the cut for a 17 step process on how not to market a game during your first two weeks in a job.


 Disclaimer: My marketing was not as poorly thought out as this

*I noticed our online presence was lacking and offered to help. Things kind of snowballed from there.

**I may or may not have given myself a fancy title, fancy titles are the best.

STEP 1: Arrive at work thinking you will be in a one off three person meeting about plot development. Find yourself in a nine person business meeting for which there was apparently homework you didn’t do.

STEP 2: Quietly bring up the idea that maybe you could help with social media posts. Especially tumblr, cause you have a tumblr full of Avengers gifs that people seem to like.

STEP 3: Realise that the studio has taken you up on your offer. Have a meeting with the CEO in which he will detail a long list of things that need doing. And it would be totally great if they were done this week.

STEP 4: Panic

STEP 5: Obtain log in data for all social media services. Make your first post on Facebook. Feel temporarily elated.

STEP 6: Be reminded that Unstoppabot releases in about 10 days. Realise that as you only work one day a week that you essentially have 1.2 days left to prepare.

STEP 7-10: Panic

STEP 11: Reject the idea of any kind of coherent marketing plan. Instead, focus on having release day messages ready. Come in for a new work day and be an absolute dynamo getting tasks done.

STEP 12: Release the game. Check announcements have gone live. Cease panicking.

STEP 13: Miss launch drinks because you are busy working your second job.

STEP 14: Be moderately satisfied with game related marketing. Focus on your general studio marketing progress.

STEP 15: Actually write a full marketing plan for your next game. Bless you marketing plans.

STEP 16: Panic, but only because you now KNOW how much stuff there is to get done.

STEP 17: Write a blog post detailing your first two weeks on the job to procrastinate working on marketing for your next game

There you have it. 17 simple steps on how not to market a game. Take home message? Marketing plans are your friend. Make one. Use one. And force everyone else in the studio to post tweets no matter how much they hate twitter.

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