Unstoppabot Launched on iOS — World Mostly OK.

Unstoppabot is the unholy hybrid of an infinite runner and a brain-tickling puzzle game.

Out today on iOS, Unstoppabot will make you giggle between sessions of frustration and delight as you maneuver the ludicrously misnamed and fragile Unstoppabot through a gritty post-apocalyptic environment that you can mostly ignore, because holy balls ROBOTS.

An intriguing blend of physics-based logic puzzles like The Incredible Machine, and fast, twitchy infinite runners, Unstoppabot provides an entirely new experience to mobile gaming by making you feel both dumb and slow while you’re on the bus or pooping.

I like it,” says Game Designer Nick Kolan, who also wrote this thing, and I have absolutely no reason to be biased.”

I found other mobile games to be lacking in both the robot and infinite-running-puzzle-game department, and I also felt we should stick it to famously quotable people. So we slapped some quotes haphazardly in there and made fun of them. I am confident you will agree that Zig Ziglar had it coming.”

-An adorable, hand-drawn art-style
-14 chapters of increasing difficulty
-More than 70 puzzles
-An endless “Infinite Mode”

-Famous quotations and dumb jokes mere moments apart
-Game Center integration
More modes, bonus stages and unlockables to come very soon

Take a gander at the Unstoppabot trailer on YouTube!

Unstoppabot is available right now on iOS for the low, low price of nothing. For comparison, buying a house is infinity-percent more expensive, requires you to fill out forms, and will feature little to no robot activity. You decide.

For screens, please head to www.seethroughstudios.com/press 

SeeThrough Studios is an independent studio based in Sydney, Australia. Last year SeeThrough released the prize-winning Flatland: Fallen Angle, a game about the dangers of being a triangle.

For questions or interview opportunities, please contact press@seethroughstudios.com.

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