Flatland: Fallen Angle: Free For All Edition: Out: Now!

That’s right: Flatland is free. Again.

As part of our Greenlight/Alpha campaign for Particulars, we’ve put together a special package to show people what it is that we do. Of course, YOU probably already know what we do, but you may still be interested, because it includes the most recent, shiny build of the game, plus a bunch of intriguing extras. We were going to call it “Flatland: Fallen Angle: Nostalgia Edition”, but ended up settling on “Free For All Edition” instead. Either way, you can get it here.

Most interesting, perhaps, is The Shaping of a Studio –  a 60-page ebook Paul has put together that chronicles the development of the game in a fair bit of detail, including design documentation, draft scripts, sound effects and music, blog posts, art and photos, and dev diaries that originally appeared on Kotaku AU. There’s a crazy amount of stuff for a game that was made in just three weeks. If you have any interest in indie game development, you’ll find something worth exploring in here.

Along with the ebook, we have included two documentary videos which were filmed during the development and the game trailer, all of which you can view online as well. And you can also grab the game’s soundtrack on the extras page (we left it out of the main zip, because oops).

Head to the download page to get all of the things. (For your convenience we have direct downloads, torrents, and even a link to an in-browser version on Kongregate!)

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