Awards and Events – Come and Play Our Games!

We had some exciting news over the weekend – Particulars won one award and was nominated for two more! The win came on Sunday at iFest, an event held by AIE in our home town of Sydney. Better yet, it was a prize voted for by the public. We are honoured that people enjoyed our game, and will spend the modest prize money wisely (probably on a night out for our under-paid staff!).

The next morning we woke to the news that we had been nominated for two prizes at this year’s Freeplay indie games festival (where our first game – Flatland – won one trophy last year), for Narrative and Audio Design. We love Freeplay, and are thrilled that we made the list of only twelve games nominated. On top of that, two of the other nominees originated from SeeThrough staff. Lyne is a mobile game that our programmer Tom Bowker has been making in his spare time (also nominated for Audio Design), and Time Fight (nominated in the non-digital category) is a board game conceived by my co-founder Paul, with contributions from our animator Tom Dicker. So that’s a full quarter of the nominees originating from our humble studio, a fact that we are all somewhat floored by!

If you will be in Melbourne on the 28th or 29th of this month, you can come and play all three of our games for free in the Experimedia room at the State Library, along with a bunch of the other nominees! And if you feel like sitting down for a boardgaming session, we are looking for playtesters in sign up for a game on Time Fight. You can volunteer by filling out this form. We look forward to seeing you there!

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