How To Make Players Who Really Liked Your Game Up To This Point Angry 101

So we worked really hard to unlock the final world of #RaymanLegends, and it was the shittiest thing imaginable: a bunch of levels we’d already played, but with a whole lot of post-processing effects (screen warp, blur, intermittent TV static) put over them so that it’s really hard to see what you’re doing. And no checkpoints. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be shot into space.

And we could be bothered to get past them all, all we get is a final boss level that we can’t even unlock until we replay every level in the game where we hadn’t collected all of the little blue guys and collect literally every single one of them (we’re about 300 short at this point, out of 700 total).

Worst ending ever. Next.

What’s your least favourite game ending (or favourite bad game ending)?


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