The treasure of Tiger Pirate

As part of moving to our new office, we needed to pack up our old office. We had accumulated a lot of stuff (as offices tend to do), so as we sorted through everything, we kept finding things we thought were long lost. Things like old business cards and posters we never knew we had. Amongst the general detritus, I found a tiger hat. I of course immediately put it on my head. Next I came across a mostly full bottle of rum that Paul had lying around for some celebration or other. After a little more cleaning and sorting of paper (including the establishment of the “wall pile” for things that will be going up on the walls in our new office), I found the final component of tiger pirate: a cardboard poster tube to use as a telescope.

Thus Tiger Pirate was born!

Ant the treasure you ask? It was a fancy box full of a variety of custom flash drives that we had been given as a sample over a year ago. Though it turned out none of the flash drives actually worked.

At least Tiger Pirate still had her rum.

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