Version The Force is Weak in this one…

Ok, I’m almost done with the bad Star Wars puns. Almost.

Version is here! If you go to Steam, it’ll automatically update! We’ll be updating the Humble Store version in the next day or two (it takes a little bit longer…).

Watch this video to see some of the new stuff!

Here’s what you’ll find in the new version:

  • Upgraded particle, spawner, spawn point and data graphics
  • Particlepedia, linked into examination mode
  • Examination mode now triggered on Control
  • Shorter chapters (most are 12 levels)
  • Chapter 5! Black Holes!
  • Chapter 6! The Weak Force begins!
  • Level opening changed, you only have to press enter the first time
  • UI system updated (mostly this has resulted in all the fonts being Arial)

The big news is the inclusion of the Weak Force, which adds… well, it changes things. Literally. You know what they say: strength may be weird and colourful, but weakness changes people. Or at least, it’s what they would say if particles were people…

Next update should be late this week/early next week. Now that we’ve got a lot of the basics in place (and the UI is mostly fixed… there were 2-3 weeks where we just couldnt push out a build coz it was so broken), we’re looking to do updates a lot more regularly. Things we’re looking to put in the new update:

  • Chapter 7 (more weak force! Stupidly massive particles!)
  • A few tweaks to the Weak Force mechanics
  • Narrative updates (we’ve done a big rethink now that the game is longer)
  • A few fixes to examination mode
  • Starting to get Steam API integration going
  • Sound Effects update (we haven’t done an implementation round of these for a while)
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