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It’s been a few months since my last post, and a lot has happened: after the release of Particulars, SeeThrough went dormant for a while. For many of us, it was a simple matter of practicality: the company hasn’t been bringing in enough money to support anyone, let alone everyone. Saul, the other founder of the company, wasn’t able to stay on, and I, after 2 years on such a big project, sorely needed a break.

The biggest downside of this was that we’re way behind on the special features. After launch, I just let these slip a bit, and between starting a new job and taking a much-needed holiday, they’ve become incredibly late. It didn’t help that we lost our commentary recordings completely, which was quite a blow. Now, however, I’m back and working on these steadily, and I’ll hopefully have them all to you soon. Some people have asked me about buying separate upgrades to the Supporter and Devotee packs, and it’s definitely something I’ll get done – I’m just not comfortable doing it until we’ve got all the special features in there.

The Soundtrack!

For now, though, we have the first of the special features: the Soundtrack is here! If you’ve got a Supporter or Devotee pack on Steam, the update that just went live has the soundtrack in it. Massive props to Angus O’Sullivan and Bryce Halliday for their amazing tunes.

I’m going to work on Humble and getting it up on bandcamp in the next week or two. Next on the agenda is the digital artbook (rounding out the Supporter Pack).

Bundle me up

In other exciting news, Particulars is in the Humble Weekly Bundle, thanks to our awesome publishers Surprise Attack! Check it out!

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