Particulars Super-Secret Alpha

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast, uncaring world? Maybe you need a new perspective. Look close. Closer still. And closer…

This is the world of subatomic particles, the basis of all things. Quarks curve gracefully through this no-space, locked in intricate dance-steps laid down by the physical laws of the universe. There is order here, and purpose. And if there is purpose here, there there is purpose in all things. I hope you find that thought as calming as I do.

Particulars 2013-04-05 15-00-57-79We’re doing a super-secret early alpha launch of our new game, Particulars. You are one of a handful of people invited to take part in this early release.

By buying this early version, you get:

  • The game as it exists now
  • All updates to the game as we build it, including (and potentially beyond) our full release version
  • Desura and Steam* keys for the game (*should the game eventually be released there)
  • A say in shaping the game’s path

The game, when it’s done, will cost at least $10. This early alpha version is currently available for a very limited time for only $1.97! This price will increase gradually over time – the sooner you buy the game, the less you pay!

The Super-Secret Early Alpha Launch is Over!

You can still buy the game (for a little more) here!