The Shape of Things to Come

Something we’re pretty keen on doing here at Throw the Looking Glass is to give our readers true value in our blog as well as in our games. As game designers and developers, our expertise is in this field, so we’d like to give you some insight into game development and design, and wider implications of games and gaming theory.

At the end of the day, you guys are the ones who will read this. So we want you to tell us what you want to read. Below is a list of post types we’re looking to produce which we feel could be of value – let us know which of these you’d like to see most.

(Note that some of these are based on my previous blog, Fabula ex Machina – I’ve linked to relevant articles where appropriate).

The List:

  • News and updates on Particulars (this is kind of a given)
  • “Making-of” features of how we’re making Particulars as we make it
    • In-depth analysis of the design and game mechanics involved
    • Tutorials on technical aspects of the development (in programming, art, music… anything really)
  • General thoughts on game design and theory
  • Mechanical Breakdown“, where we explore a specific mechanic in-depth for its gameplay and narrative implications
  • Critical reviews of ‘AAA’ games, examining fun, narrative and value
  • Critical reviews of smaller, indie games (as above)
  • In-depth, multi-article critiques of games (see my Mass Effect series)
  • General thoughts on game design
  • “Rules of Game Design” – things you should (and more often, shouldn’t) do
  • “Gamify this” – applying what we’ve learnt to the real world, and making boring tasks less so
  • What’s in a Game” – how we would adapt a particular work into the gaming medium
  • Playtesting intensive – how to playtest your games well, and how to be a good playtester
  • Post-mortems on smaller game projects (such as Ludum Dares, where we make games in 2-3 days)

While we may get to most of the things on the list, we definitely won’t be able to start with them all. So over to you guys: what do you want to read?

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