First release!

Late yesterday, we finally uploaded  a beta version of the game for you to play! It is still extremely rough, more an alpha release that what is normally expected from a beta. It’s exciting to finally have something up that’s playable, although a little nerve-wracking, due to the unfinished state it’s in!

But our “see through” ethos is all about wanting to open up our processes to public view at a much earlier stage than most developers would. Yes, it’s unfinished, but we hope that it will be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about game development. We also hope to have some people play the game, so we can get some valuable playtest feedback for the final release!

We will be updating the beta several times between now and release. The first version consists of four levels from the game, although missing a number of features and all of the sound and story that we’ve been working on.

Click through to the download page to get the Windows or Mac version. Please send constructive criticism, suggestions or bug reports to

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