What does a triangle sound like?


No, not THAT kind of triangle, this kind of triangle:

L1 Line 3

Flatland will feature the voice of Michael Richardson, who will speak the part of our three-sided protagonist/narrator. He has already spoken it, to be precise. Yesterday, Michael (along with Anurag, Angus and Jordan), headed to Jordan’s studio to record words for the game. Around four o’clock, Anurag tweeted thusly: “and we’re done recording! The whole game has been recorded. There are also Easter Eggs … they’re cool. Huzzah!”.

But it wasn’t until late last night, after Jordan had processed and uploaded all the dialogue, that the rest of us got to hear it. I have to say that I was extremely nervous about pressing the “play” button. I wrote most of the script (with contributions from Michael and Anurag), and I’ve never had anything I’ve written be performed and recorded before. I was worried about how some of the – rather hastily written – lines would come out. Add to that that this is Michael’s first voice acting experience, and there was the potential for some very embarrassing amateur-hour stuff.

All-in-all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Michael’s raspy delivery fits well with the gloomy, noir-ish tone of the story, and most of the lines hold up. There’s a few I’d like to redo, either for writing or delivery reasons, but I guess that will only happen if we have time. For a 96-hour project, I think it has turned out pretty damn well. But because we’re SeeThrough Studios, you get to be the judge of that – here’s some more of the recorded lines, for your perusal:

L3 Line 4

L5 Extra 1

L5 Line 4

L6 Line 2

I think that once the narration is mixed in with the background music and sound effects, we’ll have something pretty solid. Check back soon to find out!

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