What Today Brings Second (Because It’s the Second Day)

So, today’s been good so far.

Unfortunately for all concerned (mostly me), my earphones broke as I tripped over them on my way to logging into a twitter account on a faraway computer. Incidentally, whilst we’re on the topic of twitter … you should follow us @seethrustudios.

So, it’s about 11:30am and the morning has been both productive and insightful. Today we’ve had a rather arty morning, with both Louise and Angus (art and sound respectively), and David (our documentary auteur) coming in. In order to progress with the work that they need to do, some important questions need to be answered, including “what is the motivation of the player’s character”, and also just some blocking (HA!) out of the world. Louise just said “this world is really shaping up”.

Thomas has recently been confirmed as our Shapebreaker, Heartbreaker. His work on the collisions has been really cool. We realised from his research (because he woke up early) that the mesh collider would only work with convex shapes. This has implications for the gameplay and storyline, because it has made the ability for us to portray different sexes within the game very difficult. At this stage we are, therefore, going to scrap that and focus on the core gameplay aspects, which are the interactions between the various classes (and have it be gender neutral).

In terms of defining the storyline and character, having Angus and Louise around has been very helpful. For Angus, he needed to have some idea of the motive and desires of the player character, in order to create an appropriate atmospheric soundscape. We decided that the core of this game would be based around the Machiavellian politics of manipulation (I really like the way that rolls off the tongue). Basically, whilst you put on this facade of being very good and righteous, by trying to tear down the old regime and uplift the poor (the premise of the Occupy movement, which we are allegorising), we decided that, at a personal level, this game is about vendetta and pure vengeance. In the simplest possible terms, the Player used to be a noble, until his servant stole the sides right off him, and has usurped his position, whilst the player is reduced to living as a poor triangle. The player’s main aim is to seek revenge.

The idea of using meditated provocation and violent protest to cause disruption – and consequent reprisals from police – which will lead to a general panic will create the core environment in which gameplay will take place. We thought this was really cool, and we will discuss the idea further in the wiki and these blog posts.

Anyways, I’m going to leave it here in terms of the morning report. As a general summary: the story has been solidified (much darker and more nihilistic than we had initially realised), Angus has been inspired (and I can’t wait to hear his soundscapes), Paul is doing programming on setting up a level editor and also a harness for playtesting, Louise is doing pretty artwork around the layout of the city and the architecture of the buildings (and also any cool toys/robots/vehicles that might also inhabit the world), and Thomas working on collisions (evidence which can be seen on our twitter page).

Thanks so much for reading. Please follow us on twitter, facebook and keep checking back to the website for further updates.

Until next time,


p.s. 85 Hours to Go.

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