We’re alive! (and accepting payments again)

After a week-long struggle with the forces of The Man (you know the one), we finally have a new payment system in place for our Appreciation Edition! So you can hop on over and give us some of your spare change, if you feel so inclined. After our Paymate-rage went just a little bit viral, we got plenty of good suggestions on alternative services to use. In all of the discussion, one name kept leaping from everyone’s lips, like a prayer to a new-born god: “FormSpring, Formspring, Formsping!”.

So we went with FormSpring. Who are totally awesome, even allowing us to maintain (and improve) our “pay what you want system”.

They just have one little flaw: they won’t direct deposit into our Australian bank account. The available options to us were: get the cash wired to us, at great expense; or – have it deposited into a Paypal account. As the whole point from the beginning of all this was to avoid Paypal, this is not ideal. It also means that two seperate companies are taking cuts of our money.

For now, it seems that this is our doom. Paypal are just too big and popular to avoid, like the banking system and Lady Gaga. We will certainly be iterating the system for our next release – probably building our our front end and whatnot. But for now – go forth and appreciate us!

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