What we do in the quiet times

Wow, things have really quietened down around here. From the highs of over 4,000 page-views just over a week ago, today we’ve had just 64. That’s fair enough – we haven’t posted anything for a few days, and a little thing called GDC is currently drawing the collective eye of the gaming world.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also been taking things a little slower, as well, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been getting things done. Here’s a list of some stuff that has happened in the past week:

1. We’ve had a bunch of people buy the Appreciation Edition (thank you so much – we love you forever!), and we’re in talks with Desura and Japanese service Playism, through which we hope to get the game out to a bit of a wider audience. Overall, we consider Flatland to have been a success. It’s not bringing in a lot of money, but we’ve made our $1 (and we should hit our next target of $173.95, which would pay for the tools we bought during development. And we’ve learned so many valuable lessons, and got our brand out to significant audience. Mission complete!

2. We’ve been wrangling several grants and contracts, trying to get some cash flowing in, before we launch into our next full-scale development. I’d love to tell you more about these negotiations (which would be the usual SeeThrough way), but we have to be a bit careful when other parties are involved. It’s a bit like quantum theory – the observer may effect the outcome of proceedings. Once we have some of it locked down, I’ll happily re-visit the present and explain where we’re at right now, then. Ha.

3. We’ve been interviewing potential artists, and think we’ve found someone good. Again, can’t really go into details yet, but hopefully we can introduce him in the next couple of weeks. Speaking of “introducing”, we’ve always intended to have a “Meet the team” page on the website (cue TF2 music), and that’s something I’ll be looking to add fairly soon. And speaking of that, we will also be re-designing the site from the ground up, when time permits. It has served its purpose, but it really needs to be a whole lot prettier.

4. We’re working on a version 1.1 of Flatland. The main addition will be subtitles, which may not excite most readers, but any deaf fans will likely be pleased. We’re also going to put a proper installer on the game, and give it an icon other than the Unity default one.

5. We’ve opened some new bank accounts, and are working on setting up the new office. Today I asked Thomas to measure the room for me, which he did with a 2 metre ethernet cable, the resourceful chap. I have an idea for the desks that we’re going to put in there, and we’ll see if anyone tries to stop me when they discover they’re bright green. By then it may be too late!

6. Lastly, Angus is working on a couple of stand-alone tracks based on the Flatland in-game music. A micro-soundtrack, if you will. This was in response to a request that came through Twitter. Not sure how we’ll be giving these away yet – probably as an extra Appreciation Edition bonus, or maybe for people who sign up to the mailing list. Or something. We like giving stuff away, but fun bonuses like this can be a good way to get people invested in the company, and start building a community.

If you’ve made it this far – congratulations on dragging yourself away from the flood of GDC goodies! Now you’d better run back, in case you missed something! Go on, scurry towards the light, we’ll see you soon.

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