Seeing It Through Ep 4: Lighting

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In this episode of Seeing It Through I make my first appearance to talk about lighting and how we are thinking of implementing it in Unity3D and the Flatland universe.

Unfortunately Unity3D is a 3D engine and as such does not support nice, optimised 2D lighting out of the box. Unity3D does have its own point lights which can cast shadows but only using deferred rendering, and only using a perspective view, not the orthographic view used in 2D games. Also the technique used to calculate the shadows (shadow mapping), is much too complex to be used for just 2D.

Snapshot of the guards dynamic view mesh

We also mention how we quickly got a nice view cone effect that would collide with objects in the scene using existing shape building tools.

Our Shape Tools

The Question

Do you know of any games that have done two dimensional lighting well or used it in an interesting way?


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