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So first things first: Particulars is on Steam Greenlight, starting today. You should totally vote for us here.

You voted yet? Good!

That’s the first of a tonne of exciting announcements we have for you today. But first, have a trailer!

Second bit of news: Particulars has a publisher!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have signed with Surprise Attack Games to publish Particulars! Their previous experience in marketing Australian indies to the world makes them an ideal partner in getting the word out about our little game. And SA have much respect for what we’re doing with the game, so you can rest assured that our creative vision will remain uncompromised.

Next up: The Particulars Alpha has been officially launched!

The trailer above, the brand spanking new site for the game, and a brand new build of the game are all in honour of us now being in “big kid Alpha” (as opposed to the “baby Alpha” that we didn’t really advertise). We’ve come up with some pretty awesome rewards for those who want to pay more than the base $5 cost. These include things like soundtracks, art books, the source code for Unstoppabot, and even copies of every game we ever make from now on! The Alpha is available on Desura, as well as on the aforementioned snazzy website.

Oh, and we’ve also launched on Greenlight! Did I say that already? Now that you’ve voted, you should totally tell your friends!

Next up: we’re at PAX this weekend, in two (that’s right, TWO) locations! If you’re at the expo, you should come see us in the Indie Pavilion or at the Surprise Attack stand. We’ll be holding a competition to win an iPad Mini, limited edition Particulars T-shirts and copies of the game! In addition, our producer Paul will be on a panel about innovation in games on Friday at 2:30 pm.

Finally, we’re now on Steam Greenlight! You might have noticed that I’m saying this a lot, but that’s because it’s really important for us right now. Essentially: if we get enough votes to on Steam, we’ve got a decent shot at making enough money to make more episodes of Particulars, and complete our vision for the game. If we don’t, we’re going to have a hard time doing that. Steam will also make surviving as an independent studio much less of a struggle. So please spread the word far and wide, because we really want to make more of this game for you!

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