About Us

Our Studio (it’s pretty great)

SeeThrough Studios is a small game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. We make games, and sometimes tools, and we try to share as much of our development and business process as we can with you, our potential players.

As a studio, we care about the stories in games, whether those stories are the ones that we tell you, or the ones that you tell your friends about your play experiences. We want game stories to be rich, intense, exciting and densely packed. In a word, we want the stories we make to be ‘better’.

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Our People (they’re pretty rad)

Our benevolent overlords:

Paul Sztajer – Studio Director: Producer
Projects – Flatland, Unstoppabot, Particulars, Super Secret Project
Favourite game – Journey

One of the founders of SeeThrough Studios, Paul brings his background in software engineering and human computer interaction and passion for story to the team. Paul contributes to the design and programming of our games while additionally working to grow the company. He has created several games independently of SeeThrough including Tiny World: The Musical: The Game and the original Flatland: “Escape from Flatland”. In addition to his work around software, Paul has extensive experience in the realm of sketch comedy, where he has acted, written, directed, and produced shows in excess of a hundred participants. Paul is also an admin in the Sydney IGDA community and was co-host of the Game Engine Podcast.


Saul Alexander – Studio Director: Creative Director
Projects – Flatland, Unstoppabot, Particulars
Favourite game – The Walking Dead
Favourite Gaming Character – The Rat Man

Saul is one of the founders of SeeThrough Studios. He worked as lead writer on Flatland: Fallen Angle which won the award for Best Writing at Freeplay 2012. Previously he wrote for “Hear Right Now” (a videogame designed to test children’s hearing) and Vet Lucie Disastrous, an adventure game. He also solo-developed Purgatorio for Lundum Dare 23 and was Writer/Audio Director on Game Jam 2013 game Managotchi. Saul has also been published on Gamasutra and in PC Powerplay and was co-host of the Game Engine Podcast.

Current Staff

Aidan Boneham – Programmer
Projects – Unstoppabot, Particulars

Aidan has an Advanced Diploma in Game Development  from AIE and has tutored students in game-programming at the Academy. He has previously worked building tools and gameplay code for game projects at Floating Man Games. Aidan has also participated in multiple Game Jams and won Best Avatar creation a the Project M competition.

Alexander Cetinski – Programmer
Projects – Particulars, Super Secret Project
Favourite Game – Zack and Wiki: the Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure
Favourite Game Character – Enchantress (DotA 2)

Previously Alexander worked at Blowfish Studios as a game programmer specialising in core gameplay design and implementation, and optimisation. He has been interested in game development since making small forum RPGs at 11 and now works as part of the programming team for Particulars. Alexander enjoys playing many kinds of video games, deckbuilding and trading card games and reading fantasy and post-apocalyptic novels.

Chloe Paul – Writing, Design and Marketing
Projects – Flatland, Particulars
Favourite Game – Portal
Favourite Game Character – Guybrush Threepwood

Chloe is currently interning at SeeThrough Studios where she takes on a variety of non-programming roles as needed. Primarily she is responsible for producing written and video content for social media and marketing purposes, additionally she contributes to the writing and design of games. Chloe has written extensively for theatre and previously collaborated with Paul on Tiny World: The Musical: The Game.

Jennifer Mills – Art and Marketing
Projects – Particulars
Favourite Game – Bioshock Infinate
Favourite Game Character – Elizabeth

Jen has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) plus a Diploma of Commercial Art (Graphic Design) which she took to pursue her dream of working in video game concept art. Jen became involved with SeeThrough after Paul tried to get her to replace his position on his mixed netball team (she broke her arm a few games later.) Jen loves playing MMORPGs, RPGs and FPSs, and is currently working on comic art for Particulars and assisting with marketing. Outside SeeThrough Studios she works in retail, watches Stargate and designs logos for small businesses such as The Musical Playroom.

Declan Dovell – Intern (Programming and Design)
Projects – Particulars
Favourite Game – Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Favourite Game Character – Max Payne

Declan is currently completing a Bachelor Degree of Interactive Entertainment at Qantum College. Declan love playing games that base themselves around detailed and interesting systems, he also enjoys strong narrative. Declan has previously developed games solo and in small teams, you can find his work here. At SeeThrough he is working closely with Paul on the level design of particulars. Declan is a skilled tennis player (for real) and is interested in the ways video game technologies may be applied to purposes other than entertainment value.

Vincent Pham – Intern (Art and Design)
Projects – Particulars, Super Secret Project
Favourite Game – Grim Fandango
Favourite Game Character – Guybrush Threepwood

Vincent has joined the  SeeThrough team to provide his expertise in art and design. He has never made a video game before but enjoys playing point and click adventures, puzzle adventures and anything with an interesting aesthetic. In his spare time Vincent likes to spin fire, actual flamey hot fire.

Kristy Pierce – Artist
Projects – Unstoppabot, Particulars

Kristy received a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment from Qantm and has worked as a freelance illustrator for the past 8 years. She was the lead artist on Unstoppabot and has expertise in concept art, illustration and texture art.

Angus O’Sullivan – Composer
Projects – Flatland, Unstoppabot, Particulars

Angus O’Sullivan is a partner at Studio Ripple where he has done music and audio for film, television and advertising. He has done audio for various independent games including multiple games at both Game Jam 2011 and 2012. Angus has experience in composition, orchestration and SFX.

Former and advisory staff

Thomas Bowker – Lead Programmer
Projects – Shapes on a Plane, Flatland, Unstoppabot, Particulars
Favourite game –  Banjo Kazooie!
Favourite Gaming Character – Banjo Kazooie!

Tom graduated from AIE Sydney in 2011 with an Advanced Diploma in Games Programming and met Paul and Saul through the IGDA game dev community. Tom is the lead programmer in the studio and is responsible for most of the technical side of things. He was the developer of Shapes on a Plane, a shape building tool derived from Flatland. Previously Tom has made games as assignments at AIE and for various GameJams. He has a website where you can see some of his solo work here.

Peter Bently – Artist
Projects – Particulars

Peter is currently completing his Bachelor of Design at UNSW CoFA and has experience in 2D-vector art and concept art.