Team A

We are team A, and we are going to win Iron Dev!

How do we know? Why, the optimism bias tells us so! Humans are pre-programmed to believe that a positive outcome is much more likely than it actually is. It doesn’t matter how much evidence to the contrary you might throw in our faces, our belief in the power of nothing-in-particular will remain unshakable.

“But Paul is your only programmer!” you might argue, and we’ll just smile and nod.

“We don’t have a proper artist, either, but Saul is going to learn to art on the spot,” we will reply.

“But he and Nick are just … writers,” you will opine, scrunching your nose at the unsavoury word.

“And we probably won’t even make a game that contains many words!” At this point, you will walk off, shaking your head. But our faith will remain undiminished. We know we’re going to win.